Compliance for Current Student-Athletes

Philadelphia University Student-Athletes

As a student-athlete at Philadelphia University, you are responsible for understanding and abiding by NCAA, CACC and University rules and regulations. It is important that you have a clear understanding of these regulations so that you are able to maintain your eligibility to compete in intercollegiate athletics. The department of athletics provides several opportunities to educate current student-athletes; in addition to these "in-person" sessions, we have provided a copy of these regulations, in the links listed below, for you to read.  Remember, in brief, as a student-athlete at Philadelphia University:

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2014-15 Philadelphia University Student-Athlete Handbook

2012-13 Summary of NCAA Regulations

CACC Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

Social Networking Policy

A student-athlete's participation in countable athletically related activities shall be limited to a maximum of 4 hours per day and 20 hours per week. Outside of the playing season during the academic year, only a student-athlete's participation in weight-training, conditioning, and individual sill instruction shall be permitted. A student-athlete's participation in such activities shall be limited to a maximum of 8 hours, of which not more than two hours per week may be spent on individual skill instruction. Captains must record  practice hours on a daily basis on the play and practice log provided below. At the end of each week, hours should be totaled and forms must be submitted to the Compliance Office.  

Play and Practice Logs

If you should have any questions or concerns surrounding your participation in intercollegiate athletics at Philadelphia University, please feel free to contact Rose Schmitt, Assistant Director of Athletics/SWA, ext. 5638.