Sports Information and Related Downloads

The Office of Sports Information will gladly assist visiting SIDs and members of the working press.  Phone lines, faxes, computers and copiers are available for your convenience. For assistance, contact Paul Gornowski, Director of Sports Information, at (215) 951-2852.

The sports information fax number is (215) 951-2859.

Statistics Policy

Philadelphia University's policy for changing or editing game statistics is as follows:

The home sports information director's (SID) statistics are the only official statistics.

Once the game is complete and statistics are sent to the away team and the media, they are official and pending any major errors- will not be changed.

Major errors are considered based upon the home SID's discretion.

At away contests after the official statistics have been created by the home SID, they cannot be altered or changed in any way.

For any questions concerning the statistics policy, please contact the head coach or sports information director.   


To save, right click and "save target as" into the folder of your choice.

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2012-13 Rosters

For StatCrew Rosters, save to a hard drive/disk and import into Stat Crew Programs.  To do this, right click on the desired sport under the Stat Crew column and click on save target as.  Save it to the desired place.

Roster Downloads
(Updated Aug. 20, 2012)

Word Roster Stat Crew Roster Statistics
Men's Soccer Roster Roster Stats (PDF)
Women's Soccer Roster Roster Stats (PDF)
Women's Tennis
Roster Roster Stats (PDF)
Volleyball Roster Roster Stats (PDF)
Men's Cross Country Roster    
Women's Cross Country Roster    
Men's Basketball Roster   Stats (PDF)
Women's Basketball Roster   Stats (PDF)
Baseball Roster   Stats (PDF)
Softball Roster   Stats (PDF)
Men's Tennis Roster   Stats (PDF)
Women's Lacrosse Roster   Stats (PDF)
Women's Rowing Roster    
Men's Track & Field Roster    
Women's Track & Field Roster    
Men's Golf Roster    
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